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        Welcome To Moon studios

Staten islands most respected and effective recording studio. We Offer Music Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Rehearsal

CD Duplication, CD Graphics, Musicians for hire, Video Services, 

Engineering instruction, Multi-format Transfers and more...


        Moon Studios was conceived and design with the up and coming artist as well as the seasoned professional in mind. With our highly skilled and patient Gold Record Engineer you will create the music that you thought was only possible with large budgets and high priced recording studios. Located on the North shore of Staten Island, Moon Studios is easily accessible from anywhere on Staten Island, Brooklyn or New Jersey. And is surrounded by deli’s, restaurants, Beaches and Parks.


State-of-the-Art Equipment

Professional Engineers

Top Notch Acoustics

Partial Equipment List

Mac Pro 6-core Based Pro Tools HD2 System, Avid Pro Control Console, Genelec 1029 Speakers w/sub-woofer, Tannoy SYS 800 Speakers, Urie 809 Speakers, 16 Art tube octo 8 mic pre's, TLA tube stereo Mic Pre/EQ, Joe Meek VC1Qcs CH Strip, Lexicon & Yamaha outboard FX, Echocord Analog Tape Delay, TC Electronics Finalizer 96k, Line 6 Guitar pod pro, Tapco Spring Reverb, Tascam Dat Player, Alesis ADATS, Avid 192 Digital Interface, PT plug ins by: API, Fairchild, Abby Road, Pultec, DBX

Partial Microphone List

Neumann M147, Telefunken m82, Telefunken sh61, AKG 414, AKG 451, AT 4030, Rode nt1, AKG D112, Shure SM57, Audix drum mics...and More

Partial Instrument List

Sohmer & Co, Baby Grand Piano, Ludwig 5 piece Jon Bonham Reissue Drum Set w/26" kik, Ampeg SVT 450 w/15" & 10" bottom, Trace Elliot 400 watt Tube Bass head, Vox AD120VT, Ampeg VH140c Guitar Head w/ 4 - 10" bottom, Marshall 50dfx, Fender Blue's Deluxe, Fender Pro Reverb, Fender Blues Jr., Fender Blues Deville, Mackie TH-15A Active PA Speakers, Yamaha MG12X Live Mixer...and More

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